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We say at CTRLS “It doesn’t matter if you’re running your business from your kitchen table, or the top floor of a multinational conglomerate, success online is dictated largely on one thing alone – SEO Optimisation“.

Without an effective SEO strategy that actively pushes a website up the search engine rankings, your website simply will not be seen. It is a competitive area, and without professional expertise it will be a real struggle to achieve – that’s where we come in.

We want your website to get to the top of the search rankings and keep it there. By bringing together a team of the UK’s most talented website developerslink buildersanalysts and SEO content creators, we strive to be the very best at what we do.

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why choose CTRLS

Why choose us?

The market for companies delivering SEO services to UK businesses is always growing, and competition is fierce.

Why you should choose us?

Our flexible approach can specifically target your business needs. While others will only market their skills to large corporations and others may only have the capacity to work with smaller businesses, our approach lends us the ability to serve clients of all sizes.

Why you should choose CTRLS
we strive CTRLS

We strive to stay up to date

With current SEO trends. Even the tiniest of policy changes by Google or Bing will be enough to unbalance the SERPs and plunge a campaign into chaos. We will always do our best to match these changes and keep your website competitive.

deep site analysis

Deep site analysis

We leave nothing to chance. Our in-depth site investigation will identify any issues with visibility and access, meta and text errors on the site.

Competitor analysis

As part of our offer, we will provide extensive market research on your best ranking competitors – and why they have great rankings. This can be due to their form, social presence, presentation of copy on their digital asset and any other technical details that may be relevant. Anything we find that may be useful to your digital asset can be incorporated with your approval.

competitor analysis
monthly calendar targets

Monthly calendar targets

We will build authority to cover local search engine optimisation and citations from general local directories, social media, consistent online communities as well as influential bloggers in the industry.

Penalty protection

Google Quality Guidelines can be manipulated by bad and spammy hyperlinks appearing on your domain from underhand competitors or malicious internet trolls. We will actively work against this sort of manipulation and disavow any toxic anchor text that appear on the site. With swift action, we will help Google understand that these links are not part of your domain, so will not be counted as part of your link profile.

penalty protection
initial study & review

Initial study & review

The first thing we’ll do is review your online profile and its performance on search engines. From this review, we will be able to identify any weaknesses on the domain and what we can do to improve it.

Internal page study

Additional landing pages are also made as consistent as possible to the keywords selected for the campaign. These will be in addition to the homepage, but will also be analysed for usability and conversation rate.

internal page study
homepage test

Homepage test

The homepage of the domain will also be under scrutiny in regards to the layout and usability of the copy that may affect conversion rates and the audience experience.

Keyword research

The most important thing when considering search engine optimisation is a relevant keyword structure. Researching trends, search volume vs competition and relevance, we will work to ensure only the best keywords are selected for any campaign. Once we’re happy with the keywords we’re using, they will be assigned to the landing page of your digital asset to make it stand out against your competition.

keyword research
backlink audit

Backlink audit

A backlink, or hyperlink directing users to your website, will be evaluated in terms of relevance and quality, as well as the geographic location of the source of the back link and the landing pages they are pointing to, as well as a loss over time graph pattern and link acquisition.

Regular article creation

It’s no secret that a search engine favours a web page with regular new articles. We will provide monthly articles of around 500-1000 words which will typically take the form of a blog post. If requested, these article pieces may be used to refresh and rewrite landing page content.

article creation
No long term contracts

No long term contracts

We offer no long term contracts, just a monthly rolling payment for our services. We are confident that we are amongst the best in the business, but if you feel you would like to opt out and pause our services for any reason you’re welcome to do so.

No contractNo headaches.

Consultancy services

SEO Consultancy – The amount of hours we can allocate to a strategy changes between our monthly options. A higher budget project will take priority, and therefore be completed in a shorter space of time as our time is allocated to this campaign. We will always cover all tasks listed for all campaigns, unfortunately the nature of the business means it may take longer for projects with smaller budgets. However, we will also endeavour to prioritise more important tasks to get activity moving in a timely manner.

consultancy services


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