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When planning an SEO campaign, with CTRLS visibility is key. For many companies, particularly larger ones with marketing teams at their disposal, you might have most of the SEO strategy already worked out.

Perhaps you simply need some feedback on your own campaign, an outside perspective can be key in reaching your performance targets.

Our SEO consultancy service can provide you with the detailed analysis necessary to develop the best campaign possible. Our services are available on a retainer basis or may be paid by the hour, depending on your needs.

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What do we do CTRLS

What do we do right?

With areas of expertise including social media strategy, reputation management, SEO, pay-per-click, lead generation, brand design, website design and web development.

Competition analysis

We can provide detailed analysis of your competition and prepare ways to keep things moving forward with minimum expenditure. Whatever it is you need us for, we can offer the support you need.

competition analysis
grow your business

Grow your business

We would be more than happy to arrange a call to cut out the need to travel completely. If you’re interested in finding out more about how our SEO consultant service may help your business grow.

New development support

The following are just a few of the services we can provide:

Internal Team Support: Our professional staff can support your team by providing the details necessary to develop an effective approach to help improve your business’ global ranking. This service is most effective for companies that have the expertise to develop a strategy, but not the knowledge required to implement it at out outset.

Updates and Redesigns: Site updates are a must these days. New features, additional content and an updated interface will help keep things looking fresh, but can wipe out your search engine rankings. We will work to stop this from happening during any major redesign work you have planned.

New Development Support: If you’re looking to expand a portion of your business, whether it is with a brand-new enterprise or additional team, we are on hand to provide strategy and support during those tough early stages in the development phase.

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