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While a website’s URL, keywords, headers, titles and images are important for SEO, much of the hard work that goes into optimisation tends to be behind the scenes. For example, site speed can be just as vital for conversions and yet is generally undervalued by many SEO companies out there. Optimisation on the technical level is often developed through the source code of a website, which is directly accessible by search engine bots at any time. To ensure you are getting the most out of this aspect of SEO, CTRLS will monitor site speed, 301 and 302 redirects, JavaScript, Flash, IP detection and redirection. If this sounds like something you think you have covered, then read on to discover just a fraction of the sort of problems sites such as yours will suffer every day.

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Technical support

Search engines also look down on placeholder pages during periods where your site may be down due to maintenance, unless you are using correctly set up 301 and 302 redirects. Any other type of redirect should be forbidden as incorrect use can seriously damage your ranking.

Incorrect code

Incorrect header codes can also cause issues with search engines and if you have not correctly optimised your site for this, it is easy to overlook an important aspect of your site’s ranking potential. Not every section of your site will be checked by the search engine bots, and incorrect headings on pages you don’t care about may reduce your score.

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Good architecture

The only way to resolve this is with good architecture. Javascript can also cause potential issues, as this used to be a viable area to place valuable content or keep content or links that you would otherwise wish to hide from Google. Unfortunately, this is now one of the first places search engines will crawl through.

It’s therefore vital to get all of your content out of javascript and into the page itself. Ignoring these sort of technical SEO issues can cause real problems for your website, and can be picked dup easily with our evaluation services. Get in touch for further details today.

Website issues

Most larger corporate sites may have a function that redirects a user, according to their location. For example, a user from the UK will be redirected from .com to .uk, while a user from France may be directed to .fr. This is a very useful tool in increasing local conversion rates, but for search engines it can be quite troublesome – it’s possible that the search engine will only find one of these sites. If your site is slow to load, this too could damage your rankings. Speed never used to be considered, but as user expectation rose, so too did Google’s level of interest.

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